La Pista Ciclabile del Lago di Varese e Comabbio

The famous Cycle Route of Varese and Comabbio Lakes


I just completed my first ride of the Full Cycle Route of Varese and Comabbio Lakes. I was finding a training track near home for the next Gravel Race an i find this incredible circuit.

Cycleroute Varese Comabbio

The province of Varese is famous for its beautiful and very varied landscape, with the fertile countryside forming a backdrop for picturesque villages and places of cultural and historic interest. The grandeur of the Alps is offset by the green of the hills, and especially by the lovely verdant gardens to be found along the shores of the great lakes and in hidden corners of the many valleys. There are a host of different itineraries to choose from, and the bicycle is certainly one of the best means of exploring this rich and glorious area.  Twenty-seven kilometres is the length of the circuit that surrounds Lake Varese, a well-equipped path that is decidedly unique and charming thanks to the picturesque views that bring together the green of lush vegetation with the blue of the lake. The path is made of different kind of materials: Gravel, Concrete and terrain. Every bike can run the track, the best is a Cyclocross Bike or a MTB.


I start my ride of the Overall Circuit from Sesto Calende, climbing to the town of Mercallo and crossing the State Road to the lake of Comabbio. I take the Cycle Route near the Comabbio Camping. The cycle path which connects the municipalities of Varano Borghi, Ternate, Comabbio and Mercallo dei Sassi is just 10 kilometres long, and yet, in spite of its short length, it is one of the most evocative routes in the entire province of Varese.

The route winds its way along the shores of Lake Comabbio, surrounded by reeds, parks and lush hills, while the Monte Rosa Massif dominates in the background. The gravel path leads to a wooden bridge which for around 500 metres offers the thrill of riding suspended above the lake and taking in some truly suggestive natural views.


The route can be extended along the stretch of cycling and walking path that connects Varano Borghi with Biandronno, joining the Comabbio path to the one that runs around Lake Varese. The stretch that links the two lakes unwinds along the edges of the Brabbia marshlands, a protected oasis of nature which is worth visiting for its characteristic reed-beds, its lush green vegetation and the wide variety of birds that have made it their home: 140 species are recorded, including the rare Ferruginous Duck and the Common Snipe.


Take care of pedestrian, trekkers, fisherman’s, families with children ‘cause of the circuit is very visited during week-ends.

Bicycles can be rented easily at some BikeRent Shops on the circuit.

The overal circuit of circa 60 Km can be made in 3 hours, at a speed of 15 Km/h, if you don’t stop in a BeachBar near the lake for BikiniWatching or IceCream licking.


The Overall Circuit map can be found here on the GarminConnect

Other map with usefull informations can be found here from

A printable PDF map can be found here


Article and Pictures by Davide Zambra

Rider: D. Zambra

Bike: ALAN Cyclocross “Rocinante”



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